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YOU want to produce a unique event experience. Your ATTENDEES want to learn, connect, laugh and be inspired. Get it all in one inspiring keynote performance, where stand-up comedy meets Broadway show, and your audience discovers actionable insights for work and life.


Need an Inspirational Business Keynote Speaker Who Can Make em Laugh?

Laugh. Learn. Inspire. (not necessarily in that order)


Keynote Raving Fans

Open or close your event with an entertaining & inspirational keynote. Set the stage to create new possibilities. Unlock the potential of The Influence Mindset.

Keynote Topics & Descriptions

We all want to grow, whether it is our leadership, sales, influence, career or income. At some level, in some area of life that is important to you, it is time to level up. But how?

in this program, inspiration meets humor and how-to. You will learn a three step process to open your mind to new possibilities, expand your thinking and from that mindset, get down to business. 

This program is deliberately designed for leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and sales professionals. 


Have you already decided it can't get any better?

The key to closing more deals is to be open and in this inspiring, fun and interactive program you will walk away knowing how to be open, what to ask a prospect or client to ensure they are open to new opportunities and how to turn a closed-minded prospect into a raving fan and client. 

This program is deliberately designed for sales professionals in a consultative sales process where expertise is valued verses an online transaction. Veteran salespeople and those newer to the sales game will get value from this unique and easy to apply philosophy and practical application.


"All you have to do is be someone that people know, like and trust to win business."

"Sales is a numbers game."

"Fake it till you make it."

OH, PLEASE! Stop the madness! it’s killing your success in sales... and life. If you still think your prospects have the power, if you think they ask the questions they really want answers to, if you think you have to have all the answers all the time… then it’s time to set the record straight. You are giving away your power and making your job way too difficult.

Whether you are an owner, salesperson, professional or entrepreneur, we all have one thing in common... we are all out of a job unless we have clients and know how to grow business.

Reality is that we are all in sales at some level.  Sorry, but it's the truth.  

In this interactive keynote, you will challenge the "truths" you have been told about sales and success. 

You will discover the humor in these myths and learn the shift that unlocks the potential for greater possibilities, increased business and job security.

Plus you'll laugh.

  • Discover 3 Myth-stakes about business that sabotage success
  • Powerfully shift thinking about each myth to unlock new opportunities
  • Clarify your most important actions on to the business decisions relevant to you right now






The Rolling Stones aren't the only ones who can't get no satisfaction, it's an epidemic... and that's good.

In fact, it may actually be the key to their incredible success.

Satisfaction is the silent killer of success. Satisfaction leads to stagnation and there is no possibility for momentum when you are stagnant.

What happens when salespeople are satisfied? Managers? Customer service? C-suite? You guessed it... nothing happens.

Satisfaction sounds like something to strive for, but when you get there any future forward progress is limited.

Learn to use the positive aspects of satisfaction without putting the brakes on future results.

Packed with stories from real world companies, your attendees will not only be inspired by the examples Merit shares from business, sports, entertainment and real life, they will be in action!

Attendees in businesses of any size walk out of this interactive keynote with tangible ways to be satisfied, yet still strive for more.

  • Discover the secret recipe of top salespeople
  • Learn why a solid plan isn't enough anymore
  • Create your setback recovery formula
  • Become a praiseworthy contributor
  • Laugh while you learn






There are three parts to growing sales; mindset, action, skills.

Let’s face it, you are there to share your expertise and the last thing you want to think about is growing sales. Isn’t that someone else’s job?

Well, no. Sales is everyone’s job.

The best part is that nobody expects a sales conversation from a professional there to get the work done… and that’s why they are your secret sauce to growing business.

In this session, professionals, salespeople, managers, entrepreneurs & owners learn alongside each other the specific mindsets, actions and skills that grow business in a non-pushy, non-“sales-y” way.

In this session you will:

  • Debunk 3 myths about sales that could be killing your sales right now
  • Discover how to grow sales in less than 3 minutes without being pushy
  • Learn a sales skill that professionals can use daily
  • See yourself as the powerful secret sales weapon that you are






Let's cut to the chase and talk...

skip the Google search, emails and phone tag nonsense

2 Days Worth of Sales Topics for Breakouts

Choose from 12 topics deliberately designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, salespeople and professionals who have to grow business. Use for pre-conference workshops to generate extra revenue or combine several for a deep dive, practical day of learning.

Breakout Session Topics & Descriptions

Interactive. Engaging. Fun. Packed with Content.

Sales skills and action plans don't work if they are layered on top of a faulty sales mindset.

The key to selling more and selling more easily is not in what you say or do, the answer is in how you think.

  • Learn what top sales professionals say to themselves.
  • Discover what your actions and behaviors say to others.
  • Understand the impact of your own emotions and how they help or hurt you in sales situations.






You know this is a valuable topic because the title rhymes, so there's that.

This is a program for business owners, entrepreneurs and managers who are frustrated with costly turnover mistakes and open to creative ways to ramp up new hires fast and keep them forever.

This program is 60 minutes - 1 full day depending on the level of detail and number of people. It is ideally suited for corporate retreats or as a breakout session for association conferences in growth industries where hiring mistakes are costly.

  • Designing Day One on the Job
  • Setting New Hires Up for Success By Setting Expectations
  • Teaching Our Culture
  • Elements of a Best-In-Class Onboarding Experience






No nonsense title and a no nonsense program packed with practical how-to's. 

This is perfect for experienced sales professionals and newbies. It meets people where they are. 

Ideal for industries where a consultative sales process is the only way to get business done. Not ideal for widget salespeople (because nobody is ever in the market for widgets) who sell online only in a commodity business for the cheapest price.

If your audience sells a high ticket item in a crowded marketplace for the highest price you should have already picked up the bat phone to book Merit for this topic.

Here, we'll make this easy... call her cell phone... 720-980-1286.






Custom Programs for Sales & Leadership Teams- Corporate Retreats

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders. Team building. Sales Topics. Onboarding new hire program design. Business development for professionals. Executive retreat facilitation. Conference "content weaver" emcee. Panel facilitation. Got another idea? Bring it on.

Custom Corporate Program Examples

1 hour... 3 full days or anything in between. Always interactive.

People don't leave jobs they leave managers. 

Don't be one of those managers.

In this session you will first complete an Emotional Intelligence assessment specifically designed for leaders.

You will learn the top four leadership "derailers" that will sabotage your success no matter what you try to do and how you rank among top leaders in that category.

When appropriate for the audience you can learn the common strengths and "areas for improvement" among a specific group of leaders.

Each leader can have access to one on one coaching to develop their skills as an Emotionally Intelligent Leader.






Most managers worked their way up through the ranks on their own.

Their first week on the job could be described in one of two ways:

Drink From The Firehose- they got every bit of info possible in a short burst.

Sink or Swim- they got their desk and phone and a pat on the back to wish them luck.

So... is it any wonder they are frustrated with what to do when a new person starts in their department?

They want to set them up for success, but literally nobody did that for them so they are not really sure how to help someone else.

News flash... it's not HR's job to get someone up to speed in their role. 

This program is for managers who have to set expectations, hold people accountable and help people be successful in their job. 

You will never look at onboarding the same way.

This content is available as an in-person training, virtual seminar series and on-line course. 






Everyone rolls their eyes at team building training, but who doesn't like building weird structures to compete for valuable prizes and turn paper towels into art? 

Team building activities are only stupid if they are not backed by research as to why they are being done and the intended outcome. 

What makes this session distinct from other options out there is the pre-work deep dive to deliberately design the appropriate experience for your group dealing with that specific issue in that moment of time. 

Worth a conversation. This one is tough to explain, wildly experiential and incredibly long lasting in impact.

Voted best use of paper towels ever by a panel of experts.






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