Your access to being influential with others is learning what has influence over you.

The sales skills you've learned and action plans you've built won't work if layered on top of a weak Sales Mindset. Discover the secrets of your own Sales Mindset so everything you've learned about sales can work better for you.

Sales Mindset Mastery: Think Like a Sales Pro

Sales Mindset is the foundation on which all the sales skills and behaviors rest. 

If there are gaps in the foundation of your Sales Mindset then the techniques and actions you've learned in the past, or will learn in the future, will fall through the gaps. The information won't be top of mind when you need it. 

Your Sales Mindset has 3 parts:

  • Internal Mind
  • Behavioral Mind
  • Emotional Mind

To be more influential with others, it is important that you understand what has influence over you... and that's your Sales Mindset.

Sales Mindset Mastery is deep personal work, but I will ride shotgun with you.

When you register, you will get an email with a link to complete your online Emotional (Intelligence) Mindset assessment.. 

Once you do so, you will use the link provided to schedule a private coaching session to debrief your 27-page customized report.

During your scheduled call you will receive your report and discover how your unique combination of Emotional Intelligence attributes helps or hinders your sales abilities. 

You will have full access to the online curriculum with 18 lessons with downloadable worksheets that guide you through an experience designed to reveal your

  • Internal Mindset- the things you say to yourself
  • Behavioral Mindset- what your actions say to others
  • Emotional Mindset- how your emotions impact you and others

You will also receive bonus offers for additional sales programs and an opportunity to apply 100% of your investment in this program toward a 2-Sales Mastery live training course with Merit Kahn.


You could complete the entire program in three days, but we recommend you pace yourself and take the time to observe your Sales Mindset in action as you go through several weeks. 

The online Emotional (Intelligence) Mindset assessment takes about 20 minutes. 

The debriefing call is 1 hour.

Each lesson is designed to be less than 30 minutes to complete, though you may think about each lesson far longer than it takes to complete each assignment. That's a good thing. 

This course is deliberately designed for you to take at your own pace. 

You can always come back to a lesson you want to devote more time to later. 

Coaching & Sales Mindset Mastery

Some do. Some teach. In the coaching program you work with a coach who gets you to do what you've been taught. Unlock your potential and master your sales mindset.


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