You Set a Goal To Have Your Best Year Yet... Now What?

Jan 19, 2021

We are three weeks into the new year... how's that "best year yet" plan coming along? If you are like most people you've already skipped a workout, eaten a donut, postponed that important call for another time, let your mom's call go to voicemail and stayed up too late watching mindless TV.

All in spite of the fact that THIS YEAR you would eat clean, exercise daily, take care of all your priorities first thing in the morning, get more sleep and be nicer to your mom.

Oh wait, maybe that's just me... and maybe I accidentally had three donuts. Sorry mom. 

Oh well, I mean it is the 18th of January... you can't be expected to be perfect with all your new habits for a full 18 days can you???

Relax. This is not a blog post intended to shame you. It is a blog post to let you off the hook for another round of "be all you can be" stuff in lieu of being what you most need to be for a defined period of time.

What the heck does that mean?

So much for my resolution to be more clear.


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Happy New Year: Get Set Up For Big Sales in 2021

Jan 04, 2021

Every year we attempt to convince ourselves that this year we will be different, better, stronger, richer, faster, more productive, fitter, more caring, more generous… we’ll get more sleep, more business, more sex. We’ll eat less and save more. We’ll wake up earlier and fall asleep easier.

Gimme a break.

Oh, and this new year, everything was supposed to be remarkably better as soon as 2020 was done. Puh-leeze. 

Hate to be the bad guy, but the only thing that can change miraculously is not the page on the calendar, it’s the energy we bring to the intentions we set for the coming year. 

Sure you want to make more money, but do you believe that’s possible as a starting point? And if you do believe it, have you set up the structure and systems to make that possible? Do you have the skills you need to accomplish that? Are you on track to acquire those skills? In the meantime, can you get support in terms of people who can help you learn or...

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Too Much Empathy Will Not Help Your Prospects

Apr 03, 2020

It has always been an important quality of top performing sales professionals to empathize with their clients and prospects challenges and pains. However, you can overdo it on the empathy for others. If you are paralyzed from asserting your problem solving solutions, your empathy does not help the people you have empathy for. 

In other words, you feel their pain, but you feel it so deeply that you buy into their belief that things are really bad. And if you let them suck you into their “poor me… things are really bad” mindset then you can’t pull them out of it. 

When prospects and customers are hurting, a top performing sales professional’s best chance of being truly of service to them is to help them open up to another possibility.

But there’s a problem. If you listen with empathy and turn too quickly to offering solutions, they might be the best solutions in the whole wide world, but they won’t be heard. They won’t be...

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Sales Makeover: How a Smart Business Owner Shifted Her Message and Made an Appropriate Offer

Mar 19, 2020

Monday afternoon I had a phone call with a client. She decided to stop all sales and marketing efforts until the Coronavirus situation changes because "nobody is going to buy what I sell." 

For some people, with certain offers, that is the right thing to do.

Except, Cynthia Stadd is a Psychology Professional with expertise in healthy eating and relationships with food.  Anyone else craving sugary comfort foods and in close proximity to their kitchen while working from home all day?

We talked about what problems people have now that they didn't have two weeks ago in terms of their relationship with food and potential comfort food cravings. 

  • People are not used to working from home and all the temptations in their kitchen
  • They are concerned about protecting their health so eating healthy is even more important
  • They are potentially more sedentary so afraid of gaining weight

And for some people, they are seeing this as a real opportunity to begin healthier habits....

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Should I Sell Or Should I Go Now

Mar 17, 2020

There are two schools of thought regarding sales and marketing right now and if you are a business owner, entrepreneur or sales professional, it's mission critical that you understand where you and your offers fit into the pandemic puzzle.

First, let's distinguish between sales and marketing.

Marketing is everything you do to generate conversations. Once you are in a conversation with a prospect, you are now engaged in sales. 

Now that we've sorted that out, let's look at should you sell or should you go now (anyone else hearing The Clash song in their head?).

If, for example, you sell only to restaurants, bars, sporting venues... you either need to go away for a while or reimagine how your offers can be valuable to other channels of business. 

If you sell online courses, business consulting services, software that facilitates virtual communication... you need to double down on your marketing and make sure people who need you now more than ever know how you can help them ...

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Productivity During Pandemic

Mar 16, 2020

I'm not a productivity expert, but I have worked with sales professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders for more than two decades. These are people who need to get things done no matter what is hitting the fan around them. 

Today, there are a whole bunch of Americans working from home for the very first time. With no clue what to do. That's not a criticism, it's just what is so.

Having worked in an office and, since 1998, having run my business entirely from a home office, here is what you need to know to make your work-from-home experience productive during this pandemic.

1. Set aside up to 1-hour to clear a space for your home office. Ideally a room with a door, away from anyone else working from home and a space with natural light. You're not building the Taj Mahal, so decorating is not the focus here. Think practical, tactical work space. Desk, chair, light, computer, phone, power strip, phone charger, microphone, virtual platform like Zoom for video meetings,...

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Why Sales Calls Are Different Now

Mar 15, 2020

Ok. Here's the deal. If you are picking up the phone to make sales calls the exact same way you did two weeks ago, you are in an argument with reality. Stop it. 

This morning, yes, on a Sunday, I got a message from a business owner friend of mine. She has been inundated with calls from lenders who want to give her access to quick cash at insane interest rates. She's gotten LinkedIn messages from recruiters who want to help her staff up when she's focused on keeping her current team busy. 

I saw Facebook ads today for Copper Mountain Ski Resort... which is now closed for the next week and potentially longer. I've seen other posts from coaches who want to help speakers get on more stages... (for all those events that have been cancelled?!)

So, here's the deal. 

If you pick up the phone, post an ad or run a campaign right now that is all about you and your offer without any regard toward empathy for others, yours will be one of the businesses that doesn't make it through...

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Selling in Spite of COVID-19

Mar 14, 2020

I get it, there’s a global pandemic. It’s real. It’s not to be taken lightly and it’s quickly changing business as we know it today. 

Much of my business revenue comes from speaking at conferences. From there, I get hired for consulting projects and people enroll in my Sales Mastery courses. Not only is speaking a revenue stream, it’s also a critical component of marketing my business. 

And conferences all over the world are being cancelled. Okay, Coronavirus, you got my attention.

Just days into the saga turning from “what’s happening in China?” to full on global pandemic, I’ve already had conversations with entrepreneurial peers and read their FaceBook posts about their plans to use this “down time” to organize their office, catch up on things and “get ready to get ready” for when this blows over.

That makes me giddy. I hope all of my competitors do exactly that. 

Because while they are...

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An expert sales trainer walks into a car dealership...

Jul 24, 2019

An expert sales trainer walks into a car dealership and... sounds like the beginning of a good joke. That's what happened on Monday. And, yes, I am the expert sales trainer... thanks for noticing.

It is my full time job to know all the tips, tricks, strategies, skills and all the other buzz words for "stuff" about sales. I study human dynamics and the principles of influence for a living. And yet... once I knew I wanted what I wanted, all of that went out the window. 

I'm not saying I was sold, I'm suggesting that there was nothing anyone had to do to sell me... I had already done that all by myself. But, alas, there was a wrinkle.

The make & model of the car I wanted was in high demand and the dealer had zero incentive to wheel and deal with me on it. It was just enough outside my comfort zone that I wasn't willing to sacrifice other things to buy this one thing so I was about to leave disappointed. 

Then I went to the ladies room. (not a strategy I am suggesting,...

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Fake It Till You Make It Is Terrible Advice

Jul 15, 2019

Faking it is never good. 

Get your mind out of the gutter... or keep it there, I suppose, but for a moment focus on the business side of faking it, then you can get back to wherever else you went.

Early in my career I remember a mentor telling me to act as if I had everything together and had it all handled. The problem was that I didn't... and I wasn't that good an actor. Instead of acting confident, what actually happened, is that people lost confidence in me the moment they picked up on the vibe that I was pretending to have it all together.

Yeah, that didn't close deals. It didn't get me too far in my sales career either.

What I wished my mentor told me at that time that took me years to learn on my own was to Ask As If rather than Act As If. 

Ask as if you really want to understand your prospect's challenges.

Ask as if you are genuinely concerned in helping them solve a problem.

Ask as if you didn't already know the answer because you know how important it is for...

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