An expert sales trainer walks into a car dealership...

Jul 24, 2019

An expert sales trainer walks into a car dealership and... sounds like the beginning of a good joke. That's what happened on Monday. And, yes, I am the expert sales trainer... thanks for noticing.

It is my full time job to know all the tips, tricks, strategies, skills and all the other buzz words for "stuff" about sales. I study human dynamics and the principles of influence for a living. And yet... once I knew I wanted what I wanted, all of that went out the window. 

I'm not saying I was sold, I'm suggesting that there was nothing anyone had to do to sell me... I had already done that all by myself. But, alas, there was a wrinkle.

The make & model of the car I wanted was in high demand and the dealer had zero incentive to wheel and deal with me on it. It was just enough outside my comfort zone that I wasn't willing to sacrifice other things to buy this one thing so I was about to leave disappointed. 

Then I went to the ladies room. (not a strategy I am suggesting,...

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Fake It Till You Make It Is Terrible Advice

Jul 15, 2019

Faking it is never good. 

Get your mind out of the gutter... or keep it there, I suppose, but for a moment focus on the business side of faking it, then you can get back to wherever else you went.

Early in my career I remember a mentor telling me to act as if I had everything together and had it all handled. The problem was that I didn't... and I wasn't that good an actor. Instead of acting confident, what actually happened, is that people lost confidence in me the moment they picked up on the vibe that I was pretending to have it all together.

Yeah, that didn't close deals. It didn't get me too far in my sales career either.

What I wished my mentor told me at that time that took me years to learn on my own was to Ask As If rather than Act As If. 

Ask as if you really want to understand your prospect's challenges.

Ask as if you are genuinely concerned in helping them solve a problem.

Ask as if you didn't already know the answer because you know how important it is for...

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How To Sell When Yours Is The More Expensive Option

Jul 08, 2019

If I had a dollar for every time a coaching client asked me that question I would be buying a whole lot of expensive stuff!

Here's the deal. I could teach you all the right things to say to justify your price, but I promise you... if you are out there shopping around to get the cheapest price, you are not likely to use what you learned to say. 

How you buy impacts how you sell. Period.

If you sell something that is considered an expensive offer in the marketplace, then your homework assignment is to go shopping... and pay a premium for what you buy. 

You heard me.

(I should probably give you a disclaimer... I'm divorced... so, this particular strategy may be good for sales, not so good for relationships. Just sayin...)

Here are some quick tips to close more deals when you are the more expensive option:

  • Make sure you have a strong money mindset
  • Ask great questions that challenge your prospect so they discover they need what you offer
  • People will find...
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It's Monday. July 1, 2019. 1st day of 2nd half of the year. Time to hit RESET

Jul 01, 2019

It's been longer than I care to admit since I first had the idea of a weekly video blog series so today I hit the reset button and just got started.

I don't suppose you've ever waiting until everything was set up just right before you got into action? Yeah, me neither.

So today I re-decided the myth I bought into that I wasn't ready to start and I just started.  The sound isn't perfect. The video could be sharper & the lighting has some shadows. The end even got cut off. I didn't even have the right software to edit out that moment when I'm walking to the camera! 

There's nothing to buy, cause I haven't built that landing page yet. There's nothing to opt into because I haven't set up the lead magnet system yet. There's not even a website page... or a "stay tuned we're building the page" page set up yet. Nope. There's just this first video blog. 

And that's okay because it's something. It's action supporting my new mindset that progress is the new...

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