From NONE to DONE : How To Build a New Hire Onboarding Program Beyond HR

Online course with everything you need to design a plan so new hires hit the ground running...  not hit the ground.

I'm interested, but I have questions...


Proven Content

Immediate access to  online content including video training, templates, checklists and an assignment to complete so you can eat that elephant one bite at a time



Choose the basic plan for a low cost DIY experience or choose the VIP experience for accountability structures designed to keep you on track and on time. 


Experienced Coach

I'll ride shotgun with you, via video in the basic plan or virtually live in the VIP experience. And I've done this before so you don't have to guess if your program is thorough, I'll tell ya... and we'll fix it. 

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Is this for HR people or someone else?

  • This is not a course that deals with the compliance aspects of onboarding, which is an HR accountability. This course is designed for hiring managers who need to onboard people into a specific role. It focuses on the learning management side of onboarding. That being said, you can decide who the right person is who will participate. You are also welcome to have more than one person on the group calls, no additional cost to have a team participate rather than one single person.

Is there a lot of work on my end to do this program?

  • Not gonna lie... you'll have some work to do, but each week you will know how much time to set aside to complete the tasks. You won't be doing anything extra for the course, all the work you do is what you would have to do anyway to prepare for your new hire.

Can I delegate this work or work with an internal team?

  • Yes! Your company is buying access to participate. If that means 2 or 3 of you do the program together as a team, that works!

Who is the perfect candidate for this course?

  • Why thank you for asking... a manager or department leader who expects to hire 5+ people in 2020 and currently has a pretty basic plan to help new hires succeed but is committed to building one that can be used for years to come. They have a "done is better than perfect" mindset. They are open to asking for help. They are thrilled beyond belief that someone like me is finally going to help them get this project off their plate!


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