Keynotes & Programs: Live & Virtual

Whether your event is live or virtual, open or close with an entertaining & inspirational keynote. Set the stage to create new possibilities. Unlock the potential of The Influence Mindset.

Merit-based Business Academy

Bring this program in house for a custom experience or attend one of our exclusive programs. Deliberately designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals who sell high end custom solutions in a highly competitive marketplace with a consultative sales process.

Private & Group Coaching

Some do. Some teach. In the coaching program you work with a coach who gets you to do what you've been taught. Accountability structures, community support and tough love coaching.

Consulting Projects for Sales & Leadership

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders. Team building. Sales Topics. Onboarding new hire program design. Business development for professionals. Executive retreat facilitation. Conference "content weaver" emcee. Panel facilitation. Got another idea? Bring it on.


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